Australia says 'Yes' to Marriage Equality

Today Australia reaffirmed our support for the ideal of a fair go through voicing their overwhelming support for love, equality and fairness by voting ‘Yes’.

Labor has long been committed to making marriage equality a reality in Australia and has been calling for a parliamentary vote for many years.

The Turnbull government’s costly survey was not our preferred method although I am glad that the Australian people have made their voice heard. In the face of strong opposition to change, more than 7.8 million Australians – 61.6 per cent of voters – have voted YES for marriage equality.

In Burt our community voiced their support for marriage equality with 57% of respondents saying ‘Yes’ to marriage equality. The results in Burt reflect the trend in Western Australia with every single Federal Division voting ‘Yes’.

This is great news for the LGBTIQ community in Western Australia who have been subject to discrimination for far too long because of who they love.

There can be no further dithering or delays – Australians expect us to deliver marriage equality as quickly as possible.

Labor will work with the Government to ensure that marriage equality becomes a reality before the end of the year and I look forward to voting ‘Yes’ once again when the bill comes before the parliament.

Critically, while the passage of legislation this year will change the definition of marriage under civil law, religious freedoms will still protected under existing laws.

With more than 60% of respondents in Canning voting ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage, I look forward to Andrew Hastie supporting the legislation.