Communities Environment Program

Burt Communities Environment Program 2019-20

What is the Communities Environment Program? 

The Communities Environment Program supports small scale, community-led environment projects that address local environmental priorities. 

This program seeks to: 

  • deliver positive environmental and social outcomes to Burt.

  • give communities the resources, skills and knowledge to care for the environment.

The intended outcomes of this program are to: 
  • improve management of natural habitats and native species in Burt

  • improve management of wetland and riparian areas in Burt

  • reduce levels of threats and risks to the environment in Burt - litter, waste, pest animals, weeds, run-off

  • increase community knowledge, participation and connection with the natural environment.

Is my project eligible?

Your project must: 

  • be a small scale, community-led environmental project

  • give communities the knowledge, skills and resources to care for the environment and address local environmental priorities 

  • deliver positive and social outcomes

Top Tips: 

  1. Ensure your nominated project is being nominated under the appropriate program. Infrastructure items may be more appropriately funded under the Stronger Communities Programme.
  2. Projects cannot be purely educational. The majority of your project funds must be directed to on-ground eligible activities - that is, activities that monitor, survey or directly make change to the state of the land, soil, plant, animals and their habitats, coastal and marine areas, wetlands and waterways.
  3. Activities where the primary purpose is to beautify or improve amenity are not eligible. E.g. gardening, landscaping, paving, etc.
  4. Community gardens are generally not eligible. These may be eligible for funding through the Stronger Communities Programme.
  5. Purchase and installation of infrastructure such as solar panels, septic tanks, seating, toilet blocks, etc. are not eligible. These may be eligible under other programs, such as the Stronger Communities Programme.
  6. The purchase of items of equipment (such as a trailer) or of infrastructure (such as composting bins) alone is not an eligible project. These items may be purchased as part of a broader project where the equipment or infrastructure will be used to provide an environmental benefit over the duration of the project. The grant recipient should be able to report on the outcome from their use of the equipment or infrastructure, not just the purchase of it.
  7. Production of sculptures/public art is not eligible.

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If you'd like to apply for a grant please complete the below expression of interest form prior to 5pm on Monday, 2 September 2019 and we'll be in touch to gather some further information.