Local MP Scrums up cash for Arks Rugby

As an avid supporter of our local sporting community, I was proud to have helped scrum up some funds to build a new shed for the Harrisdale ARKS Rugby Club’s scrum machine.

I have secured the club $10,000 from the Burt Stronger Communities Program for the construction of this project, so they no longer have to store their scrum machine off site.

Storing the scrum machine off-site has cost the Club money transporting this vital piece of equipment to their grounds for training.

This investment in Harrisdale ARKS Rugby Club will allow the club to reallocate funds and time previously used to transport the scrum machine towards supporting players and building the profile of rugby in our community.

I’m proud to have delivered this local project and cheered from the sidelines over the weekend as the senior team chased their first win coming within a whisker of knocking off Perth-Bayswater.

Club Secretary Alan Wood said:

“No longer having to transport the scrum machine and being able to store it on site will allow us to put more money back into the club and into promoting the game in our community.”