Member for Moore

House of Representatives - Statements by Members

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 I stand in this place because we want more! The behaviour of the member for Moore has been exposed as simply not good enough. Rock lobsters have been a hot topic in WA in recent weeks, but the tales just keep getting curlier in relation to the member for Moore . What we're hearing is, quite frankly, cray cray.

The member for Moore escorted a delegation of overseas businesspeople to two lobster businesses that pay a commission to his company for securing export deals in his capacity as an MP. Lonely Planet warns tourists to other countries about guides taking them to restaurants where they get a commission, but I never expected that in Perth, especially not from an MP hosting a business delegation nowhere near his own electorate. It should be self-evident that members of parliament should not be using their status of office to benefit personally—but not the member for Moore; what he's been doing is simply 'shellfish'.

A recent media report outlined how the member promoted, on his official social media account, a cafe that leases a space from a shopping centre he partly owns. Then, in another report, we learnt he promoted on his official LinkedIn page the sales campaign of a property business he has a 50 per cent stake in—not that this is reflected anywhere in his register of interests!

The Prime Minister is running a protection racket for the misdemeanours of his ministers and his backbenchers because he's losing PMs and members of his party so rapidly they're becoming an endangered species. So I ask the Prime Minister: is there a special lobster clause regarding members' interests now? Apparently it's one rule for Liberal members and another rule for everyone else.