More Taxpayer Dollars down the NBN Spin Drain

In the latest waste of taxpayers’ money, NBNCo has launched another advertising campaign talking up the rollout, despite Turnbull being $20 billion over budget and four years behind schedule.

The advertisement lauds 4 million premises now being connected, but makes no mention this is half the 8 million Turnbull promised would be connected by now.


The advertisement also trumpets 100,000 premises being connected in the month of June … despite the latest business plan forecasting NBN would achieve nearly double that amount!  


This really begs the question – why are taxpayer dollars being used to spin the NBN failures of the Turnbull Government?


Wouldn’t this funding be better spent on delivering more fibre and improving service?


Senate Estimates has also revealed NBNCo spent more than $330,000 on food, booze and events last year.


Maybe the Government thinks if NBN serve enough drinks people won’t notice the rollout is $20 billion over budget and 4 years behind schedule?


The fact is Turnbull’s $49 billion multi-technology mix has not been faster or cheaper – it costs more and does less.


This wasteful spending must stop.


It is time for NBN Co. to stop wasting taxpayer money on meaningless ad campaigns and exorbitant events and focus on getting the job done.