Roleystone Volunteer Bushfire Brigade

House of Representatives, 18 September 2018

Watch Matt's Speech here

Mr KEOGH (Burt) (13:36): After six months of training and fitness testing, the new recruits of the Roleystone volunteer bushfire brigade were signed off and graduated at the beginning of this month. I was one of the proud family members in attendance, with my younger brother, John, being one of the brigade's newest additions. It is volunteers like this from all over the country, who put their lives on the line in the name of helping others, who should be recognised more in this place, and that's why I stand here today. My family and our family home have been saved more than once by the hard work of the firefighters of the Armadale, Bedfordale and Roleystone volunteer bushfire brigades. I note that this year's fire predictions across the Darling Scarp—across the seats of Canning, Hasluck, Pearce and Burt, which are partly covered by the Roleystone brigade—have an above-average risk of bushfire this season. These volunteers will have their work cut out for them even more so in coming years, given the Bureau of Meteorology will be closing their operations in WA, robbing our emergency services of the local knowledge so vital to the work that they do. Congratulations to all the new recruits of the Roleystone volunteer bushfire brigade. It was a great ceremony, especially your song and dance routine. And good luck ahead for what is sure to be another sizzling summer.