Turnbull $10m Ad Campaign a slap in the face to First Home Buyers

Not satisfied with pushing up house prices and taking money out of people’s retirement savings through its First Home Super Save Scheme, the Turnbull Government wants to add to Government debt it has driven up since taking office by wasting a further $10 million of taxpayer funds on advertising its dud housing affordability policies.

Instead of making houses more affordable, Scott Morrison’s First Home Superannuation Saver Scheme policy will merely push up house prices, with the kicker being it robs people of their retirement savings later in life too.

‘Spin over substance’ is a Scott Morrison Treasury portfolio feature.

This extraordinary waste comes on top of Mr Morrison’s $8 million taxpayer-funded Government advertising trying to buy credibility for its Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law – spending more taxpayer money than those laws directly raised, and further millions on advertising its NEG energy policy across the country, which has no detail and doesn’t even apply to Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Government advertising is supposed to inform the public, but from the Turnbull Government it’s only worried about their own jobs, wasting money to make themselves look good spruiking policy failures.

These ads tell people that in is out, up is down, black is white, you can’t get more out of touch than that. How can the Turnbull Government be trusted when instead of helping Australians with housing prices, electricity prices and making sure multinationals pay their fair share, it wastes our money on spin instead.

With rising inequality and mounting Government debt, Australia needs action - not advertising - from the Turnbull Government.