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Many of you would know the history of the NBN.

When Federal Labor was in government, we were rolling out a world-class fibre NBN network. When the Liberals came into office, they scrapped it and rolled out a sub-standard copper network instead.

Some suburbs in our electorate were lucky enough to receive Labor’s fibre NBN, and other areas got stuck with the Liberals’ dud copper rollout.

Over the years I have received thousands of emails from residents and businesses frustrated with the Liberals’ NBN. There have been complaints about the delayed installation time, and about the poor and unreliable connection speeds.

The worst part is, it was all for nothing. The Liberals’ NBN took longer to install and cost more than Labor’s planned fibre network.

Now the Liberals have finally conceded what Labor and so many Australians knew a decade ago – a fibre network is needed.

Despite only just finishing the rollout of their copper network, the Morrison Government has said they will go back and deliver fibre to some premises – however reports suggest only 10 per cent of premises across the country will receive it.

So the Liberals delivered dud internet to thousands of homes and businesses in our community, and there is still no guarantee they will fix this mess for everyone.

I know good quality internet is not just about watching Netflix. It is about being able to run a business, successfully study, and stay connected with family and friends - we've learnt how important all of this is through the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is outrageous that so many local residents are stuck with such sub-standard internet.

If you agree, please sign my petition to tell the Morrison Government they must rollout fibre in our south-eastern suburbs.