Labor's plan for the Economy

For people to prosper, we know that we need a strong economy.

After almost a decade of flat wages and rising costs, people feel like they just can’t get ahead. The economy should work for you, not the other way around.

Labor believes you should be able to support a family if you work full time.

Labor's vision:


  1. Governments cannot stop change, but they can shape change. As our working lives change, Labor will keep people at the heart of what we do. 
  2. Productivity will be at the heart of our growth agenda. It’s how we can increase wages and grow our living standards. 
  3. Partnerships – between business, unions, workers and government – will be the key to unleashing growth.
  4. Participation – getting more people back to work – will only happen by making child care more affordable for families. We'll do just that.

The details:

The three most important things coming out of the pandemic are jobs, jobs and jobs. More than 2 million Australians are today looking for work. 

Millions more want to work more hours. People are struggling with rising costs of the weekly shop. House prices are getting further out of reach. And yet our wages are flat, and haven’t gone anywhere in seven years. 

We have an economy that just isn’t firing on all cylinders – so many people who desperately want work, so much work to be done, but a government that doesn’t seem to care. 

A Labor Government will tackle this paradox head on. 

We need to build wealth and make sure it is distributed fairly. We face many economic challenges as a country. But there are none too great that we cannot overcome them. 

Higher productivity, higher growth, higher wages, fairer outcomes. That is Labor’s economic agenda. 

We’ll make it easier for people to negotiate better pay and conditions. Working in Australia should earn you a decent wage. It’s a cornerstone of who we are as a country. 

Social mobility is at the heart of Labor’s mission. And that means giving everyone the opportunity to flourish, and to succeed. Now is not the time to lower our aspirations – it’s time to raise them.