Nominate a Mobile Black Spot in our Community

The absence of connectivity has a profound effect on social and economic inclusion, and in many parts of the country, many parts of our community it could literally be a matter of life or death.

Across the country the NBN rollout has been embarrassing, told they were going to be connected to this fantastic network by the end of 2016, now we’re hearing many people won’t be connected for years yet.

In the electorate of Burt our rollout of NBN has been pitiful and the mobile coverage still leaves a lot to be desired.

In Burt we significant mobile black spots, in many of these areas they also have dodgy NBN and are prone to bushfire and other natural disasters. 

This is a fatal combination. 

The Morrison Government has released funding to fix mobile black spots and I need your help to make sure they're all identified in our community. 

If your home is in a mobile black spot please do let me know below!