Stop Morrison's voter ID laws

Stop Morrison's voter ID laws  Main Image

The Morrison Government have introduced legislation that Donald Trump would be proud of - it will undermine your vote and our democracy.

Labor believes in Australia’s democracy. The Morrison-Joyce Government is actively trying to weaken it.

This thought bubble is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook.

Instead of working for all Australians, Scott Morrison is working to ensure that those who might not vote for him, can’t vote against him.

Scott Morrison’s proposals would see Australians turned away from voting, voting take a lot longer for everyone, and our democracy weakened.

There is no evidence this is needed. It is a disgraceful proposal and Labor will fight to protect Australia’s democracy.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) says that, while the introduction of a system of voter ID is ‘not impossible’, it would involve:

  • significant start up and on-going costs
  • voter inconvenience
  • possible disenfranchisement of a number of voters, and
  • possible delays in the delivery of election results because of an increase in the level of declaration voting.

The Australian electoral commissioner Tom Rogers said in recent Senate Estimates that “evidence of multiple voting to date is vanishingly small”. Most instances of multiple voting are of older or infirm people who have forgotten that they have already voted.

In its submission to the Finance and Public Administration Committee’s inquiry into this bill, the Australian Human Rights Commission noted that at no time have the very few instances of multiple voting ever affected the outcome of an election. It says that ‘the requirement for voter identification does not appear to be necessary or proportionate to the aim of addressing voter fraud and likely constitutes an unreasonable limitation on a person’s right to vote. It may also create an obstacle to voter participation, particularly for vulnerable groups, and unduly impinge on their exercise of the right to vote.’

Constitutional Law expert, Professor Anne Twomey, says that evidence of the use of voter ID in the United States has shown that ‘voter ID laws diminish the turnout of racial and ethnic minorities in elections and that they ‘produce a clear partisan distortion’, favouring conservative candidates.

It is a disgraceful proposal and Labor will fight to protect Australia’s democracy