Challis Primary - Don't Stop the Music

29 November 2018

House of Representatives, Statements by Members

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Mr KEOGH(Burt) (13:48): Music drops deep as does student education

The kids ain't learning if they've got no motivation.

Music plays second fiddle to maths and English

But did you know that kids do better when they learn some boom-tish.

The ABC TV just filmed a new show

It's calledDon't Stop the Musicand it had a fab flow.

It was filmed at Challis, a school in my area.

Where the kids' prospects could be fairer.

But Guy Sebastian of Aussie Idol fame

Is doing what he can to attempt to make a change.

A change to the story for the future of these kids.

To see them flourish and not end up on the skids.

Music has so many benefits than just notes and song,

Did you know kids who study are far better at working all day long?

Sixty-three per cent of primary schools in Australia have no music education.

But research shows the benefits are causing a sensation.

Kids who study music have high cognitive capacity,

Specifically their language and numerical tenacity.

Kids are happier and they're more attentive

Their test results show their learning is more receptive.

We need more programs like this one in lower socio-economic areas

If we don't future prospects of these kids are quite precarious.

In Tassie and Queensland music in state schools is compulsory

I think this needs to spread across the nation in summary.

Congratulations to Challis and the ABC

The work you have done is very clear to see.

I look forward to you continuing to change the story

It's initiatives like this that should receive more glory.

Well done to the teachers, students and the ABC

The progress you've all made feels me with glee.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER(Mr Hogan):You did very well to contain yourself to your seat, Member for Burt.