Catch up with Keogh

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Long Table discussion with Matt 

I'm really keen to get to know what your concerns are, in a location that's convenient for you. I'm putting together some "Long Table" discussions where members from our community are invited to come and share their thoughts, concerns, opinions and anything in between in a small group forum.

I want to be the best representative I can for you, and I hope through some productive group conversations I will learn more about what makes our community tick.

So if there's something you want me to know about, or something you want me to fix - fill in your details below and come on down!

Meet with Matt -

Coffees with Keogh is an opportunity for locals to meet with Matt to have a one on one chat and share any concerns or questions they may have with him. 

Upcoming events:                                    

Coffee with Keogh

10:00am, Monday, 13 September, Coffee Club, Armadale Shopping City

Beers in Burt

5pm, Friday, 17 September, Gosnells Hotel