By Matt Keogh MP

12 February 2021

In another sign that the Morrison Government is all photo op, no follow up, it is yet to announce a new Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman, as their five year term comes to an end.

After a year of unprecedented shocks to the small business sector, the Morrison Government has decided to do without the key small business  advocate within government just as it is set to withdraw JobKeeper support
from small businesses around the country.

With 1.6 million Australians relying on JobKeeper, many small businesses are
bracing to go to the wall – doomed to an insufficient JobSeeker rate during a
time of heightened unemployment.

Small and family businesses are working hard to recover from the COVID-19
induced economic downturn and now they are bracing themselves for the
unplugging of the JobKeeper lifeline.

The just released January Sensis Business Index survey reveals 39 per cent of
small businesses around the country expect the loss of JobKeeper will have a
major effect on their business, with a further 51 per cent of small business
owners believing it will have a moderate impact.

Despite the growing chorus of small businesses crying out for an extension of
JobKeeper, the Morrison Government continues to refuse to provide assurance
beyond the end of March.

Small businesses account for more than 98 per cent of all Australian
businesses, they contributed almost $418 billion to our GDP in 2018-19 –
that’s more than 32 per cent of our economy. They are the key to an
innovative, flexible and community minded nation.

The Morrison Government’s failure to announce a new Ombudsman to date is
leaving small business behind.

Small Business deserves a government that’s on their side, a government that
prioritises Small Business.