By Matt Keogh MP

01 September 2020

Seven months after it was announced, the Morrison Government’s own Australian Industry Content Audit, which is meant to review billions of dollars of Defence contracts, is still yet to begin.

The Australian Defence Industry has been crying out for the Morrison Government to provide greater support and to ensure Australian companies are included in Defence projects conducted by multinational prime contractors.

For months Scott Morrison has fobbed off the concerns from industry, citing an audit that we have since learnt hasn’t even been underway.

What has the Minister for Defence Industry been doing for the past seven months?

Not only has Labor has been calling out the Morrison Government for not finishing this audit, now we find out it’s still yet to get off the ground.

If the Morrison Government was serious about backing Australian defence industry, the audit program would have been well near completion by now.

Instead what we realise today is that this is nothing more than another media announcement from Scott Morrison with no real action or plan.

The Morrison Government’s refusal to take this issue seriously- including unfairly overlooking some of our most significant Defence projects- just shows how weak Scott Morrison’s support for Australian industry is.

This is exactly why we need measurable and enforceable Australian industry content requirements in Defence contracts.