Armadale Suburb Poll

By Matt Keogh MP

16 June 2021

Watch Matt's speech here

Quite offensively, last week Armadale, a suburb in the federal electorate of Burt was voted, and I'm quoting the precise language: 'Perth's shittest suburb 2021'. The poll criticised our fashion sense, our willingness to wear—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Llew O'Brien ): Order! The member will withdraw. Just because it's a quote it doesn't mean you can use unparliamentary terms in the chamber.

Mr KEOGH: I was offended as well, Mr Deputy Speaker O'Brien.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: No. You will withdraw unreservedly.

Mr KEOGH: I'll withdraw. The poll criticised our fashion sense, our willingness to wear shoes or not and our intellect. It even criticised our 'towers of shopping trolleys', positively works of modern art—

The SPEAKER: The member needs to withdraw unconditionally or I'm going to sit him down. It's a simple fact.

Mr KEOGH: I withdraw, Mr Speaker.

The SPEAKER: Unconditionally.

Mr KEOGH: Unconditionally, and I agree: it was terrible language. That's why I'm offended on behalf of my—

The SPEAKER: No, you can just resume your seat. This is ridiculous. It's not a negotiation. You're not going to come in here and swear. The Practice is very clear. You're lucky you're not being named or ejected. It's not what schoolchildren come to hear, and there's no need for it. I'm calling the next speaker.