Western Australia's GST

25 September 2018

House of Representatives, 12 September 2018

Watch Matt's Speech here

Mr KEOGH(Burt) (13:53): In August last year, federal Labor made a commitment to a fair share of GST for Western Australia. It was only in July this year that the then Turnbull government realised that Western Australia even existed, announcing a similar planalthough the Liberals' plan detail remains to be seen. How can we be assured that the Liberals' plan isn't going to be robbing Peter to pay Paul? How can we be assured that the funds to lift GST distribution to the states won't be derived from other cuts to health, education or infrastructure? I'm sick of reading headlines and full-page newspaper ads saying that Labor won't agree to the now PM's plana plan that the now PM won't even back in writing to the WA Premier.

Despite what the PM was assuring radio listeners in Western Australia yesterday, today we discovered that Mr Morrison's heart is not so into remedying the plight of the states. The government's preferred method of negotiating on GST is instead expletive-laden tiradesnot to mention that it seems that a majority of the WA Liberal members supported the member for Dickson becoming Prime Minister, who gave no support for a fair share of GST for WA at all.

The Australian peopleand Western Australians in particulardon't trust this government, and this 'new generation' hasn't given them any reason to be trusted either. They are in fact, as they admit themselves, a 'muppet show'. To the new Treasurer and Prime Minister: I implore you to release the details and work with us(Time expired)