25 September 2018

In astonishing revelations, todays Daily Telegraph revealed Peter Duttons Department of Home Affairs has spent more than $63,000 this year on motivational speakers.

It seems rather than boosting morale by improving pay and conditions in Duttons mega Department, they thought it would be more worthwhile to spend their money on the likes of ex-Australian Idol Casey Donovan and celebrity scientist Dr Karl to pep up disenchanted staff.

Its been well documented that morale in the Department previously known as Immigration and Border Protection has been consistently low with employees having little confidence in the Departments senior management.

The division and instability in Scott Morrisons Muppet Show has been led by the Minister for Home Affairs and it seems the same discontent is trickling down to Duttons Department.

These latest revelations come during a week where Peter Dutton has lashed out in Parliament following ongoing revelations about giving au pairs to rich donors and government jobs to his mates.

Maybe it might be more productive for Scott Morrison to appoint a new Minister for Home Affairs rather than the Department spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on motivational speakers.