Eligible permanent residents should apply immediately

07 August 2018

I urge permanent residents who want to become Australian citizens to apply for citizenship.

Permanent residents of Gosnells, Armadale and Canning who want to become Australian citizens should apply as soon as they can.

The Liberal Government had proposed changes to Australian citizenship law which would have had the effect of causing some people to have to wait more than 10 years before they could become citizens. And subject others to a university level English test to attain citizenship.

The defeat of that legislation is good news. But the Government will come back. They will try again. So if you are eligible under current law then apply straight away before the Government reintroduces these awful changes again.

The Department has publicly committed to processing the backlog of 120,000 applications under existing laws.

If you are eligible under the current law Labor encourages you to apply now.

Labor welcomes all good and decent people who have been waiting years to apply for citizenship to them we say welcome home and encourage them to apply.