Government posts away eighty-two dollars and no sense

07 August 2018

The Child Support Agency is literally posting away money in a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

A Burt constituent has been horrified that every month for the last decade he has received a statement from the Child Support Agency telling him that after his youngest child had turned 18, he has a 20 cent credit.

The CSA has refused to refund Brett Gloyn the 20 cents because it is such a low value but continues to post him a statement each month just to remind him.

Mr Gloyn can live with not getting his 20 cents back but was incensed when he got his first statement in the post a month later, which would have cost the CSA 50 cents to post.

Since his daughter turned 18 in May 2007, he has received a CSA statement every month, now at a total cost of over $82 in postage or 410 times the value of his credit.

My intervention has put a hold on further postal statements being issued but this waste of taxpayers resources is ridiculous.

The CSA deals with payments on behalf of 1.2 million Australian children each year so who knows just how much other money is continuing to be wasted under the Turnbull Government in monthly reminders of credits that wont be refunded.

The Turnbull Government has produced a record level of Government debt and with operations like this, it is no wonder why.