Government's reckless spending at strange budget night party

07 August 2018

The superficial nature of this Government has been exposed yet again by its weird and costly budget night function.

At the budget night reception the Treasurer spent nearly $8000 of which the majority was spent on alcohol at a Parliament house venue.

Whilst a slight improvement on the extravagant extravaganza of last years Budget night event, the record of this Government blowing out debt to record levels whilst frivolously spending on booze for its own staff is staggering.

Where things get strange is the human ken doll Justin Jedlica was present at this event taking selfies with Malcolm Turnbull.

Im not sure if the Prime Minister is in the market for some style tips or to get a bit of work done but maybe he could ask Mr Jedlica about the #realhousewivesofcanberra and whether they agree with his tax cuts to big business.