Local kids miss out because Turnbull cancels parliament

07 August 2018

Our school kids have been left high and dry by Malcolm Turnbull cancelling the House of Representatives sitting next week when they were planning to visit.

The Governments selfish decision to delay sitting for the House of Representatives has meant that students from Carey Baptist College and Bletchley Park Primary School will be making the journey across the Nullarbor to visit a Parliament that is half empty.

Its not often that WA school kids get the opportunity to travel across the country to Canberra, visit the nations parliament and see democracy in action.

Its a long and expensive trip but it is well worth it to see just to gain an understanding of how our system of government works and meet some of the people responsible for drafting and passing legislation in Australia.

The students had planned to watch Question Time and meet with their local MPs but this will no longer be possible.

Flights to Canberra are very expensive and you definitely pay a premium to come during a sitting week, so to have fundraised and forked out for this trip, only to find out that half of the activities you had planned to do have been cancelled is nothing short of devastating.

I can understand why the students, teachers and parents at these schools would be angry with the government whose decision to delay parliament is entirely political and serves no real practical purpose.

This just further demonstrates that the Turnbull Government is out of touch with our communities priorities.

This Government only cares about self-serving power plays and has no consideration about what impact its actions have on our community.