2019 Burt Volunteer Awards

05 August 2019






On Saturday I hosted the third annual Burt Volunteer Awards at the Armadale District Hall.

As I do each and every year, the call for nominations was put out to the Burt community to recognise the irreplaceable work of our hard working volunteers.

Volunteers like the ones who were acknowledged on Saturday do what they do for the love of it, not for recognition or accolades.

In Burt and indeed across the country we would be at a loss without our dedicated community services that work so hard to make our community a better place. Theres only so much Government can implement, its often the community groups and volunteers that make it what it is.

I began these Awards as a way of thanking those who help make our community a better place and to encourage others to do the same.

This year that sentiment was embodied by a special presentation made to the Gosnells Lions Club, received by President Dave Molcher.

Their club was launched the same day as the Apollo 11 moon landing, so this year they are celebrating 50 fantastic years of serving our community.

The Gosnells Lions Club have been involved in so many community initiatives among them educational scholarships, medical screenings and countless sausage sizzles.

With more than 400 years of service between their current members, the clubs positive impact on our community is immeasurable.

Congratulations to all those nominated and the winners, and thank you to all of our community organisations and associations for everything you do.

The volunteers and community groups represented at the Awards demonstrate the true spirit of our community in the electorate of Burt.

2019 Burt Volunteer Award Winners

Burt Volunteer Award for Youth Sarah Keating

This is the second year Sarah has been nominated for the Burt Volunteer Awards. This passionate Camp councillor has been volunteering for Camp Kulin for the last two years and has lead seven camps. Camp Kulin is a volunteer run camp for children from all over WA and it makes a lasting positive impact on every child who participates. Sarah is a fantastic role model and Im so proud to have young ladies like her setting such a great example in our community.

Burt Volunteer Award for Sport Ann-maree Moffat

Ann-Maree is a treasure to the Ranford Little Athletics club. The fact she has volunteered with them longer than her children were participating says a lot about her dedication. Over the years she has been part of the clubs committee and is now Chairperson, she is passionate about providing a sense of community in the club and goes above and beyond to support her committee colleagues and coaches no task is too big or small. Ann-maree is a wonderful asset to the Ranford Little Athletics club and to our community.

Burt Volunteer Award for Disability Services Maryanne Marr

Maryanne has a passion for basketball of all kids and manages the state basketball team for young men with disabilities, who participate in the Ivor Burge competition. She gave up her holidays earlier this year to travel to Canberra to manage and support the WA Mens and Womens teams as they competed against the rest of the country. Maryanne dedicates a great deal of her time to basketball of all kinds and her award is very well deserved.

Burt Volunteer Award for Community Services Dorothy Burke

Dorothy is not only a generous and talented artist she is an excellent teacher, hosting mosaic workshops at William Langford Community house. She is the Chairperson of the William Langford House and has been quintessential in ensuring the facilities longevity through her funding advocacy. Dorothy also has a major role to play supporting the Southern River Community Garden.

Dorothy is an all-round Burt legend and most deserving recipient of this community services award.