Another blow to the budget as Turnbull spends big on Labour Hire for Public Servants

02 August 2018

Waste Watch

It has been revealed that the Turnbull Government has plunged Australia deeper into debt because of its own mismanagement of the Department of Social Services.

Whilst claiming to be tightening the belt by putting artificial caps on public service staffing numbers, the Turnbull Government has hit the taxpayer for an additional $120 million for temporary labour hire staff in the Department of Social Services.

At an average annual cost of $171,428 per person engaged there, these roles are costing more than any non-senior executive employed by the Department. This is extraordinary when the contracts are often short term in nature and couldnt be for any contract longer than a single year.

Not only is this a blatant mismanagement of tax payers dollars, it is another example of this Government increasing the casualization of the workforce when many people are worried about job security or their cost of living.

This proves that this Turnbull Government cannot be trusted and is out of touch when it comes to managing the public service.

The new Minister for Social Services needs to get control of his Department.