Awards Applaud Local Vollies

26 July 2018

Last Saturday I hosted the second annual Burt Volunteer Awards at the Huntingdale Community Centre.

During Volunteers week I put out the call to all emergency, community, sporting, youth and seniors organisations operating in the electorate of Burt to nominate their best volunteers for the Awards.

Volunteers like the ones I met on Saturday do what they do, not for recognition but because of their generosity of spirit.

In Burt and indeed across the country we would be at a loss without our dedicated community services that work so hard to make our community a better place, to change the story for our neighbours and friends.

I began these Awards as my way of thanking those who help make our community a better place and to encourage others to do the same.

By celebrating our amazing volunteers I hope to showcase some of the positive stories of our community.

More than 50 people were nominated and six very deserving winners walked away with awards.

Congratulations go to all those nominated and the winners, and thank you to all our community organisations and associations for everything you do.

The volunteers and community groups represented at the Awards show the true spirit of our community in the electorate of Burt.

2018 Burt Volunteer Award Winners

Burt Volunteer Award for Emergency Services Dale Pekel

Dale has been managing the Welfare and Community services facility at the Anglican Parish of Gosnells for many years and does what she can to ensure items are available for residents who are in need of emergency support. Whether that be advice, food vouchers or just someone to chat to, Dale is a very deserving winner of the Emergency services Award in Burt.

Burt Volunteer Award for Helping Seniors Ted Watts

Ted has been a member of the Lions club for almost 30 years and is the organisations current President. Ted was nominated four times for his all-round community services and his work with teaching seniors technological skills at Dale Cottages. Ted is a most deserving winner of this years Burt Volunteer award for Helping Seniors.

Burt Volunteer Award (Youth) Chloe Hazebroek
Even though shes been studying for her year 12 WACE exams Chloe has maintained her extensive volunteering efforts. She is the President of the Young Vinnies Group at Lumen Christi College and is also an Ambulance Cadet, volunteering her time at the first aid post at various festivals. As if that doesnt keep her busy enough shes also a dedicated volunteer with the Darling Range Wildlife Rescue and the Armadale Community Animal Rescue Group. She is a very deserving winner of this years Burt Youth Volunteer Award.

Burt Volunteer Award for Sport Bob Sutherland

Bob has selflessly given his time to the Armadale Senior Football club for the last 40 years and has been the backbone of the club through thick and thin. Bob continues to work with the club with unwavering energy and enthusiasm. He also gives the same level of dedication to the Armadale Cricket Club during the summer so his award of Burt Sporting Volunteer of the year is absolutely deserved.

Burt Volunteer Award Ben Boekholt

Ben Boekholt is a most deserved winner of the Burt Volunteer Award for his contributions to our community. He cooks breakfast for the Salvos Fire Emergency team and makes and delivers aid parcels to those who need it most on a weekly basis. He runs numerous events for the Armadale Lions Club and volunteers on a weekly basis with Foodbank. Ben has led and contributed to the growth of the Armadale police rangers for the past 11 years and is active in the neighbourhood watch. On the side Ben serves on the Cecil Andrews P&C committee. Congratulations Ben, its generous volunteers like you that keep our community ticking over as it should.

Burt Volunteer Award Terry Brown

Terry Brown has volunteered in the City of Gosnells for the last 34 years. Hes made countless contributions in that time but just to name a few, he spent 6 years as a Gosnells councillor, 29 years as with the WA Council of State Schools Organisation, has worked on numerous P&Cs and facilitated countless school community events. Terry leads the Neighbourhood watch and was integral in kicking off the Anti-Theft Screws number plate program in Harrisdale, Maddington and Armadale. Congratulations Terry. Your award is very well deserved. Thank you.