Burt Families to Lose under Child Care Cuts

02 August 2018

Today we learnt that nearly 2,000 families from Armadale, Gosnells and Canning Vale will lose vital support under the Turnbull Governments changes to the childcare system.

This is extremely worrying news as most of the families who stand to be worse off are families on lower incomes, under $65,710 per year.

Under the Governments package, families will have to satisfy a complex set of rules to qualify for childcare assistance, includes a work test and a means test set to hit vulnerable families the worst. The work test will require families to satisfy minimum levels of approved activities each fortnight which will knock thousands of low income families out of the system.

Families on a single income over $65,710 will have access to 24 hours of early education cut to nothing and even those earning less than $65,710 will have access to early education cut from 24 hours to only 12 hours per week.

This new slug on families is on top of the 18 per cent growth in fees since the election of the Liberal Government, an average of over $2,000 more a year.

This is another kick in the guts for families who are struggling, many without a real pay rise in years.

This is an unfair package from an out of touch government.