Federal Budget that doesn't deliver for Burt

02 August 2018

Every budget is about choices and Mr Morrisons budget choice is anti Perths south eastern suburbs.

With the costs of vocational training getting higher and it being harder and harder to find an apprenticeship, the Federal Budget includes cuts of $270 million for TAFE and apprentices. This will hurt our local families hard just as they are trying to get ahead.

We know that pensioners are struggling with the increasing cost of living and yet the Government has announced it will continue with its plan to cut the energy supplement for pensioners costing them $14 a fortnight.

Many in our community are concerned about the long wait to access in-home and residential aged care packages, with over 100,000 older Australians on the in-home care waiting list. Yet, the Government is only funding an addition 14,000 in-home aged care packages and it is taking the money away from its residential aged care funding.

The Budget also reveals that the Governments recently announced funding for the Byford train station and Tonkin Highway extension were in the Federal Budget all along. Through Morrisons budget fudgery this isnt new money at all.

To make matters worse, Turnbull and Morrison are halving infrastructure spending for WA over the course of the budget.

I also know that working and middle class people are also struggling and that is why Labor will back the personal tax changes beginning 1 July this year but the majority of Mr Turnbulls plans are off in the never never, with tax relief not coming until 2024.