Julie Bishop must stop exorbitant spending by DFAT

02 August 2018

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop must justify spending over $50,000 to fly foreign journalists to Australia.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has spent nearly $100,000 on a week- long multicultural excursion to Australia for a number of European journalists.

While we would encourage worthwhile engagement with the foreign press, it doesnt justify flying them business class.

As the Government runs up massive debt and deficits how can it justify these huge expenses.

DFAT has a Minister that likes living the high lifeand now spends exorbitantly on travel for journalists too.

This shows just how out of touch Julie Bishop and the Turnbull Government are with ordinary Australians expectations of government.

This is expenditure in a Department that has form for not making sure what it spends is justified. Recently, they flew Ambassadors from across Europe to Paris when they could have used Skype. Now they fly journalists business class to Australiafrom the other side of the world just to get some good PR.

Julie Bishop needs to reign in her Department if this Government is ever going to have a hope of getting its budget under control.