Liberals school spend doesn't AD up

26 March 2019




The Commonwealth Department of Education and Training has burnt almost $7 million on an advertising campaign touting the Liberals election spiel on education that could have been spent on schools.

The taxpayer should not be left to pick up the tab for our ad man PMs affinity for spin.

Its been revealed $6.8 million is being spent on a six month promotion touting the Quality Schools Campaign.

Using the Governments own numbers, this ad spend is still higher than the additional $6.6 million funding the Government is allocating to Kelmscott Senior High School, all the way out in in 2029.

Of Course, the ads neglect to mention Labors plan will make sure every student in every school will be better off, with a further extra $14 billion being directed to public schools over the next ten years.

In fact, every primary school in the Electorate of Burt could receive the additional funding Labor has committed to just by using the cash from these ads.

Governments have a responsibility to make sure our schools are the best in the world, not that its advertising is.

Only Labor will prioritise education for our public schools by spending more on schools, not spin.