More NBN Fail - Many Households Can't even Achieve Minimum Speeds

02 August 2018

The Government finally admitted that 3 out of 4 premises on the copper NBN wont be able to achieve top speeds of 100 Mbps, as many Burt locals have long suspected.

The vast majority of premises in Burt are or will be connected to the NBN as Fibre-to-the-Node, which will be on infrastructure incapable of delivering those speeds to most users. As many ADSL users have experienced, these speeds can also deteriorate over time as the copper ages.

NBN Co has also revealed that 6 per cent of premises already connected over copper were unable to achieve even the minimum speed of 25 Mbps.

This is extraordinary considering the amount of money spent on this watered down project, compared to Labors plan to bring fibre directly to the premises taking advantage of current modern technology.

What is really troubling is that so often Perths south-eastern suburbs are overlooked and get a raw deal. NBN was not supposed to be like this. Now, NBN is just another way in which people in this area are being ripped off by the Turnbull Government.

When asked to explain what the Government was doing to ensure Australians with a copper line speed below 25 Mbps can have their NBN problems investigated in a fair manner, the Minister for Communications said he had asked the ACCC to investigate.

But later, the ACCC flatly denied the Government had made any such request, and further clarified that it was not responsible for investigating such complaints.

I encourage members of our community that find Malcolm Turnbulls NBN is not up to scratch to contact me to see if we can help and share your fraudband story.