NBN - What to know before you Switch

02 August 2018

The National Broadband Network is slowly rolling out in our community. Burt has many areas starting to connect to the NBN, and many areas still waiting for NBN installs to start.

As people have switched to the NBN, many have contacted me about similar issues and I want to make sure all our community is aware of the things to keep in mind as they switch to the NBN:

Connection and Termination Fees:

You may face additional connection and termination fees of between $50 and $350. Ask your service provider about any disconnection and connection fees that they charge and the circumstance in which charges may be waived.

Modems & Routers:

To switch you will need a modem and router which works on the NBN. Make sure you have an NBN compatible router and be sure to ask your provider how much this will cost and whether you are eligible to have these charges reduced or removed.

Voice & Battery Back-Up

NBN Co provides an optional back-up battery to consumers getting fibre to their house. The battery will let you make calls when there is a power outage. Always check with your provider whether their NBN voice service will be support by the battery.

Specialised Services:

If you have equipment (such as medical/security alarms, lift phones, Eftpos / credit card machines) which uses phone and/or internet services to function, you will need to check with the supplier as to whether the equipment will work on the NBN.

Broadband Speed Claims:

You are entitled to ask your provider for information on the speeds you can expect and any limitation that may affect your connection. If the speed you get is less than you were promised, your provider should offer you an appropriate remedy this may include a full refund.

I would like to assure members of our community in Burt that I will continue to fight for a timelier and better quality NBN rollout for Perths south eastern suburbs.