19 July 2018

Theres the old saying if it sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is.

The Liberal Government has released their new GST carve up offering WA a 70c GST floor.

True to his name, Slomo sat on his hands, hiding the Productivity Commission report for weeks. Meanwhile, Labor has had a plan for an effective 70 cent GST floor for WA for more than a year.

If the Turnbull Government had acted when Labor called for action on the GST for WA, Western Australia would have been $3.5 billion better off.

The Productivity Commission report only came about as a result of campaigning by WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan and the pressure from Federal Labor committing to a Fair Share for WA Fund.

This morning Mr Morrison promised the GST pie would be made bigger with billions of dollars injected into the economy over the next 8 years. But he hasnt said where all these billions of dollars will come from. All States must now be worried, what other funding will this Turnbull Government cut from them to now fund its GST pie.

Mr Morrison says this change will not need to be legislated for, but WA and the other states need a long term guarantee.

The Liberals cant be trusted not to cut this funding in future.

Labor will now examine the detail of the Governments Interim Response and work with all States and Territories to make sure everyone gets a fair go.