The Security Minister that can't keep track of his own pennies

27 July 2018


Consultants have received a pay day from Peter Duttons Department of Home Affairs, receiving 97% payment for a two year contract that was cut short only half way through.

A report from the Australian National Audit Office reveals the Department ended the two year $17.6 million project a year early because it wasnt satisfied with the performance of the firm reported to be Accenture.

This begs the question, if the Department were so dissatisfied, why had they paid $17.1 million to the firm in the first year of a two year contract?

The former Department of Immigration and Border Protection used 33 consultants between May 2014 and December 2017 yet only two were ever evaluated for efficiency.

The audit also found the Department was dissatisfied with the performance of two consultancies worth almost $20 million yet neither of these consultancies were ever reviewed.

This confirms that the Turnbull Governments priorities are so out of touch, they are happy to throw away tax payer dollars without considering where that money might be better spent. All at a time when the Government has amassed a record debt.

If Dutton cant keep track of his pennies or keep an eye on organisations his Departments employ, how can he be trusted with unprecedented powers over Australias domestic security agencies?