Turnbull's Budget has Liberals Running Away from WA

02 August 2018

Malcolm Turnbulls Liberals are running away from their own budget.

Less than three weeks after a flying visit to Western Australia, Malcolm Turnbull appears to have forgotten WA once more, deciding to not contest the seats of Perth and Fremantle in the upcoming by-elections.

Yesterday, senior Liberal Ministers admitted that instead of defending their unfair Federal Budget, they are not willing to allocate resources to run candidates. This just confirms that the Turnbull Governments priorities are so out of touch, they wont even fight in WA elections.

The Federal Budget last week showed that when it comes to resource rich WA, which requires skilled tradespeople, their solution was to cut $270 million from TAFE.

The hoax continued when the budget not only revealed that infrastructure spending for WA will half over the term of the Liberals budget but that that they have only committed $1.2 billion to WA infrastructure projects over the term not the $3.2 billion they were crowing about only a few weeks ago.

The decision to not run candidates in upcoming by-elections shows with clear focus the disdain that Malcolm Turnbull and the Federal Liberal Party have for WA and a complete lack of confidence in their own Budget.