Your Car your Choice

02 August 2018

Labor is driving a better deal to put more money back into the pockets of car owners and give more than 50 independent repairers in the electorate of Burt a boost with a plan to ensure vehicles can be serviced by any mechanic.

New cars are computers on wheels. Real-time access to digital files and codes, which vary from car to car, is needed to complete many aspects of a repair or service. Car manufacturers generally own and control this technical information and in many cases are the only sources.

Whether you own a Toyota Corolla or a Ford Ranger, everyone should be able to choose where they get their car serviced. Currently limited access to this vital information pushes up prices for car services, and limits the ability of independent mechanics to grow their business and generate more jobs.`

A Shorten Labor Government will require car manufacturers share technical information with independent mechanics on commercially fair and reasonable terms.

The independent sector have been crying out for years for reform, now we are proud to say this is a step in the right direction for local mechanics.

This reform sticks up for small business, and will not only deliver savings to drivers, who will have better choice and easier access to repairs, it also creates a level playing field for independent mechanics.

This move follows similar reforms in the United States and Europe.

Its your car and where you get it serviced should be your choice, Labor wants to help give local business and car owners a fair go.