Six Million in Wasted Education Spending

02 August 2018

Waste Watch

Buried in Scott Morrisons Budget are the taxpayer dollars to be used to sell the Governments education cuts.

Whilst students, teachers and schools suffer because of the Turnbull Governments cuts of $17 billion to school, the Turnbull Government will spend $6 million in advertising their schools package over the next two years.

In his Budget speech Mr Morrison said the Government will focus on how the money can be best spent to give teachers the tools to equip students to grow and succeed. This is a bizarre best spend of our education dollars.

Its all very convenient timing considering when the next election is due.

This is $6 million that could be spent on better student outcomes and yet incredibly, this public awareness campaign doesnt actually tell the public how or what to do about anything.

Back on 15 June 2011, Mr Turnbull was critical of governments spending taxpayers money trying to convince taxpayers they are spending their money wisely."

And on 9 August 2013 Mr Morrison was critical of such spending:

Put your hand into the taxpayers pocket and pull out as much cash as you can to try and prop up your failing campaign.

This is just another example of an out of touch government with the wrong priorities.