The GST Myth

25 September 2018

In astonishing news overnight the Prime Minister has contacted all Premiers to cancel next months planned COAG meeting.

The incompetence of the Morrison Government is untold. Cancelling COAG, when there are critical discussions to be had, not to mention funding for public schools an hospitals is shocking.

Cancelling COAG when the Prime Minister has promised to resolve the GST issue by agreement with states and territories is beyond belief.

This means WA will still have no resolution on our GST, leaving our state out in the cold yet again under the Turnbull Morrison Government.

This is confirmation that the Liberal Government under Scott Morrison is no different to the Liberal Government of old. All talk, no action.

Scott Morrison has cancelled the COAG meeting because he doesnt have a plan.

His band of muppets have been so busy focusing on themselves, they havent given a moments thought to the people of Western Australia.

WA Labor has been calling for the Treasurer, now Prime Minister to release his GST plan for months and now heres confirmation that no such plan exists.

Now instead of facing the music in WA, Scomo has bowed out before the final curtain.

Only Labor will deliver a 70c floor in our first budget and 75c in 2024 and well write that into law in our first 100 days of Government.

No Western Australian can trust this incompetent Liberal Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Government to deliver anything at all.

Only Labor in Government will deliver a legislated, fair share for WA.