Turnbull and Morrison try to slip one over WA again

02 August 2018

Waste Watch

In a move unsurprising from his East-Coast centric viewpoint, Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has significantly delayed the Productivity Commissions final report on GST distribution adding chaos and uncertainty for Western Australians already reeling from poor Liberal budget management.

The Federal Liberals are simply hiding behind the wait for a final PC report, while doing nothing to help Western Australia.

The delay in the report means the Turnbull Government will do nothing in the next Federal budget for WA.

Meanwhile, Federal Labor has an actual plan. Our $1.6 billion Fair Share for WA Fund would bring Commonwealth funding for Western Australia up to the equivalent of a 70 cent in the dollar floor.

This commitment significantly improves on the ad hoc scrap funds the Liberals have begrudgingly thrown Western Australias direction every few years.

Only Labor recognises WAs financial pain and only Labor has a plan. The Federal Liberals have delayed the PC report, are hiding and have no plan.

Even with all those WA Liberals in Federal Cabinet, today shows just how useless they are at standing up for WA.